Energy Weatherization Program

Energy Weatherization ProgramThis program is designed to reduce the usage of energy consumption in the home through the installation of energy conversation measures such as attic and sidewall insulation.

It will also correct minor existing health and safety issues. This program is offered to any household whose income is at or below 200% of the federal poverty level. Determination of income eligibility is based on the total income of all persons residing in the dwelling for a period of twelve months preceding the date of application. The dwelling can either be a rental or owner occupied unit. All applications must be accompanied by a copy of the deed, title, or current year’s taxes, and verification of income. We also provide utility weatherization programs for the following companies: National Fuel Gas, Pennsylvania Power, Dominion’s Peoples Gas, Allegheny Power and Pennsylvania-American Water.

Customer Assistance Program

This is an alternative payment program for low-income, payment-troubled residential customers.

The Customer Assistance Program (CAP) agreement is the lowest possible payment arrangement Penn Power can offer a customer. If you qualify, an agreement must then be made to have the home weatherized through Penn Power’s WARM Program, which is also administered through Community Action Partnership of Mercer County. Eligibility for both of these programs depends upon the customer’s total family income being less than or equal to 150% of the federal poverty level.

Neighbor for Neighbor Heat Fund

This is a voluntary program designed to provide assistance to qualifying individuals who require help to prevent disconnection of a utility service, to pay overdue bills for any energy source, to purchase any type of heating fuel or to repair or replace heating equipment.

To receive Neighbor for Neighbor Heat Funds a person must be 55 years or older, receiving disability or unemployment income, able to demonstrate a certified medical emergency and, a resident of the National Fuel Gas service territory, but not necessarily a National Fuel Gas customer. All other energy assistance programs must have been exhausted prior to applying for this program. Assistance is limited to a one-time only per calendar year basis.

Heating/Water Heating Repair or Replacement Program

We can repair or replace faulty, hazardous or non-working primary heating and or water heating equipment for National Fuel Gas customers who have an active account using natural gas as the primary heat source.

The family’s total gross income for this program must be at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Guideline. This program is for owner occupied units who have been living in the dwelling for at least one year with the intent of living there for at least one year after the installation of the equipment. Normally the arrangement to repair or replace the equipment is made within 48 hours of referral notification.

Dollar Energy Fund

Dollar Energy FundWe can provide assistance and aid to families and individuals experiencing difficulty with their utility service.

The applicant must have paid at least $150 on their account during the last 90 days, with exception of seniors age 62 and over, who must have paid at least $100 during the last 90 days (applicants will be required to provide proof of payment). A balance of at least $100 must be left on the account, and the name on the account must be that of an adult who is currently living in the household. A copy of the most recent bill with proof of payment must be provided. Total gross income can not exceed 200% of the federal poverty level.

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